How to choose an Eyebrow Feathering artist.

With so many things that could go wrong, getting eyebrow tattoos can be daunting and scary. Once you have finally decided on what kind of eyebrow tattoos you want, the next big step is choosing where to get it done, something that you should dedicate a lot of time and thought to. Finding somewhere that you can truly trust and an artist that you can really rely on is a difficult task, but don’t worry. There are solid artists and studios out there, and with research, you will find a cosmetic tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with and that suits your needs and requirements.

How to choose the right artist for your eyebrow tattoos.
  1. Go somewhere reputable – you should never go anywhere that looks dodgy when getting any kind of beauty treatment, and this is an even more crucial point when it comes to extra high risk treatments like tattoos and delicate areas such as your eyebrow. Check that the place has a good reputation, search for reviews on Google and if you are at all wary about it, don’t book an appointment. You need to be completely confident about it as you can’t take any second chances. Ask to see samples – before you book anything, ask to see samples of the artists’ work if they are not already on display. Before and after shots are a good way to get an idea of the quality of their work and how accurate they are.
  2. Check they are certified – you don’t want someone inexperienced or under qualified to be tattooing your eyebrows. They should have certificates, but if they are not on display, don’t be afraid to ask about their qualifications or how much experience they have. This is perfectly legitimate and they will understand your concern.
  3. Make sure the price is right – while you should try and avoid going for the cheapest option with treatments like this, you also need to stay within your budget and not pay over the odds. Research how much an average eyebrow tattoo would cost, keep a note and compare any quotes you get.
  4. Check the clinic for cleanliness – due to the nature of the treatment, the place you get the tattoo done needs to have high standards of cleanliness, for your health and safety.
  5. Meet the artist beforehand – have a chat with the artist before your appointment so you know you are comfortable with them and that they know what you want. A good way to do this is to book a consultation and run through everything.

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