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 I specialise in Brow Transformations that last’s around two years & takes just two hours, creating custom brows that suit you & your life style.
The Micro Blade is a manual Hand Tool designed to create a fine hair stroke. The Blades on the Hand tool vary depending on the coarseness of your individual hairs.  Say good bye to the sharpie eyebrow of yesteryear & welcome this new Technique Designed to Fade as eyebrow fashions change. Using a pigment instead of an ink creates a semipermanent option for brow Tattooing. Pigment colour will be chosen by you as before we even come close to tattooing anything colour will be discussed along with Shaping.  

eyebrow feathering Melbourne steps

Step one on the day of your brow transformation is a sit down interview with you I will ask such questions as ;

Your make up routine, lifestyle. Do you prefer a more bold brow, a subtle brow or just looking to fill in gaps, alter shape and enhance what you already have. Talk about the healing process and what to expect along with what to expect in the procedure. In this time we will also apply some topical numbing cream to help with any discomfort in the process 

Step two is Drawing in your brow shape, once these are drawn on ill get you to laugh, smile , talk and make different facial expressions. The purpose of this is to do my best to match the symmetry of your face. 

Step Three is the microblading process once your brows are numb. This can take anywhere from 30 Minuets to one hour. Implanting the pigment hair stroke by hair stroke. This is the reason Microblading is an art form and requires a trained artist. 

Step four is revealing your new brows to you.

Step 5 is just as important as having your tattoo done and that is aftercare, following the right steps and guidelines of after care are imperative.  

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Eyebrow Tattoo

Enhance your features and highlight your natural beauty. The advanced cosmetic tattooing techniques at Brows by Arli Jade, Cosmetic Collective can help you transform your look. Utilising the latest semi-permanent makeup techniques, with the creative and talented Arli Jade. She can help create a flawless, effortlessly natural look.


MicroBlading In Melbourne

One of cosmetic tattooing’s most creative artists – Arli Jade

Owner and founder Arli has been offering Melbourne her talents and expertise in a range of advanced skincare procedures for more than half a decade. Trained as a paramedical aesthetician, she has helped hundreds of men and women across the south-east Melbourne area.
Arli gravitated towards cosmetic tattoo artistry, impressed by the practices’ ability to help a client instantly achieve their desired look. Her expertise in the two areas allows her to offer her clients a full suite of transformative cosmetic treatments.

Using the latest techniques and the most advanced technology in conjunction with a dedication to customer service, we strive to ensure that each one of our clients leaves our studio feeling completely satisfied.